Automate Sales
and Customer Service
with Botmaker

Grow your business on WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS and other channels.
Connect bots and live chat agents to provide excellent service.
We are official WhatsApp Solution Providers.

Connect your bots on the following platforms with Botmaker

WhatsApp for Business

Engage with people on the largest messaging platform. Let us set-up the account, phone number and get you on board fast. Access our API and platform tools.

Facebook Messenger

Build bots that can sell products, serve customers and share content on Facebook chat. Botmaker is a Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP) and one of the largest Messenger Partners in Latin America.


Set-up bots to work with Twitter. Serve customers and engage with users in real time using bots and live chat on Direct Messages.


Paste a snippet of code on you webpage have add bot or live chat to your website. Drive new sales, prospects and transform your webpage to drive conversations with users.

Mobile App

Add bots and live chat to your mobile apps on Android and iOS using our tools.

Google Assistant

With Botmaker you can now build bots, also called apps, on Google Assistant for all devices, including Google Home, Android and iOS devices.


Increase the efficiency of your phone operations and provide immediate answers using voice-enabled bots.


Serve customers on Latin America’s largest e-commerce platform. Answer questions quickly and drive new business.


Serve customers on Skype and teams on Skype for Business adding bots.


Optimize your teamwork with bots on Slack. You can now build and manage them using Botmaker.


Connect your bots with text messages or SMS, compatible with feature phones, smartphones and Apple’s iMessage.








Open English

Key features of the Botmaker Platform

Artificial Intelligence

Natural language processing with ability to convert users' intentions into business processes.

Live chat

Integrate a robust live chat solution with bots to serve clients with agent using hybrid solutions. Integrate with other chat, CRM and Social Media platforms as needed.

Connect with the most relevant channels

Both bots as well as live chat can be connected to WhatsApp for Business, Facebook Messenger, Websites, Mobile Apps, Skpe, Workplace by Facebook, MercadoLibre, SMS and more.

Voice-enabled bots

Integrate bots with voice on Google Assistant and phone support operations.


Use Botmaker's API to connect with other services, channel messaging to other platforms and use Artificial Intelligence on all incoming messages.

Bots ready to configure and use

Start using bots to answer FAQs, take orders, schedule appointments, capture leads and distribute content.

Built-in services already available

Weather, news, content, sports and other services already available for use acorss within bots.

Topics and semantics

Botmaker will allow you to understand, tag and respond using topics and semantic tress for analysis and reporting purposes.

Analytics and reporting

Dashboard in real time, read-to-use reporting and custom reporting available.